Why LightLinks?

We are the only company in Massachusetts that offers the LinkLink system containing the patented gear locking system. Unlike typical string lights, LightLinks can be easily manipulated, maneuvered, and shaped to decorate your roof line in unique patterns.

Low Maintenance

Unlike string lights, LightLinks require very little maintenance. They are arranged in 4 foot sections so that they can be easily maneuvered. The LightLink system contains HBL exclusive Always Lit technology which prevents missing or broken lights from disabling the entire set.

Gear Locking System

Our LightLink System contains a patented gear locking system, allowing your roof line to have a custon look without the custom price. This gear locking system allows each LightLink set to be arranged at the exact angle that you want without moving during a windy Nor’easter

Energy Efficient

We now offer Hight Light LED’s to ensure that your holiday lighting is as energy efficient as the rest of your home. A variety of our products come in High Light LED.

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