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Between the gifts, travel and food the holidays are already expensive. Why should your festive decorations run up the electricity bill to new heights every season. One great way to save money this holiday season, and for many holiday seasons to come, is to make the switch from incandescent lights to LED.

A very important distinction with LED lighting is the color ‘temperatures’. Often, when people think of LED light they imagine a harsh light with blue or purple tint. While LEDs can produce that color, other temperatures are available that produce different hues. With holiday decorations, Warm White best aligns with a more yellow tint & the feeling of the vintage lights. Warm White bulbs produce an almost identical light with very little power; You’ll benefit for many holidays to come with these beautiful & durable lights.

LED lighting is exploding in popularity and for good reason. The main reason many consumers are switching is simple: these bulbs are extremely energy img_0116efficient. In fact, LED bulbs use about 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, which adds up to significant savings for you over time. Add to that the fact that LED lights are incredibly durable and shatter-resistant, which makes all the difference when decorating in New England.

Incandescent bulbs function by creating heat which in turn causes the inner filament to glow, whereas LED lights have inner conductors that create light without heat. In fact, incandescent technology is basically designed to self-destruct, as the inner filament burns and burns until it eventually blows out. LED lights don’t have this problem, and are rated to last  up to 200,000 hours compared to incandescent lights rated at a maximum of 3,000 hours.

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With incandescent bulbs, we used watts to compare the intensity of light. As we all know, a 100-watt bulb is brighter than a 60-watt bulb. But a watt is a unit of power, not brightness, and a typical incandescent bulb converts only about 5% of the energy they use into light whereas a typical LED consumes significantly less while  giving off the same amount of light or more!

M6 Pure White, Mixed Noble Garland LEDWe invite you into our Melrose showroom which is full of displays, decorations, ornaments, and more! See Incandescent vs. LED during an in-person demonstration.

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