Make the Switch: Manufactured Christmas Trees

Have you been considering purchasing a manufactured Christmas tree for your home? In 2007 alone, almost 18 million were sold here in the U.S! Do you cherish braving the chilly winter air, family in tow, to guess at which tree will fit in your home, haggle with salesmen and wrestle the sap covered tree onto your vehicle – Or are you tempted by the predictability of a perfectly sized & pre-lit tree tempt you?

Did you know the first manufactured Christmas trees were began production in the 1930’s? A U.S. company called Addis-Brush, manufacturers of toilet scrubbers and scouring pads, began the trend with what was effectively nothing more than gigantic, green toilet bowl scrubbers. While some traditionalists may still cringe at the idea of a plastic or felt artificial tree, today’s models are practically indistinguishable from real trees & much more convenient. Changes in construction and materials produce attractive & realistic trees that always have the ‘perfect shape’.
Real trees can bring some real headaches. Transporting, erecting, and securing a live tree is hard enough but to then keep up with the tedious watering brings another chore. Even with proper watering, a pine purchased at Thanksgiving may be crispy by Christmas, and the dropped needles can keep surfacing for months. In contrast, an artificial tree — with no upkeep — will be just as pretty on Twelfth Night as it was the day you put it up.

Following this year’s devastating drought, this may be the time to make the switch and invest in a tree you can enjoy for years to come. Local farms are stressed to meet the demand as growth was terribly stunted without adequate rainfall, and these effects will be felt for Christmas seasons yet to come.

cliftondiningroom_1000Fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires caused by Christmas trees each year from 2007-2011. Unlike traditional live trees, artificial trees do not pose a fire hazard as manufacturers create them using fire-retardant materials. Besides the aforementioned cons associated with real Christmas trees, they are farmed as agricultural products. This can mean repeated applications of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers may have been used throughout their lifetime.

One of the main benefits of choosing artificial trees over live ones for Christmas is that they can save you significant amounts of money over time. Once you invest in the perfect manufactured tree, you are done! All that is left to do is bring it out of storage once a year and you’re good to go. We also offer professional decorating services where our trained team manages the installation & removal for you – A true hands off approach!


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